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Five stunning PBR texture sets for dForce Primal Scream for Genesis 8 Female(s) which explore different fantasy genres:

  • Growl – Primal and fierce, this Leopard print texture offers everything you need for all your jungle fantasy renders and more.
  • Howl – Furry and fun, this texture is perfect for the call of the wild in any climate.
  • Meow – Sophisticated and Eloquent, this texture is perfect for use for just about anything. (Beautiful as an everyday look, bathing suit, or for your fantasy princess).
  • Pur – Spunky and wild with a touch of dazzle, similar to Meow, this texture is perfect for use in everything from fantasy to everyday clothing and bathing suits.
  • Roar – Subtle and versatile, this soft leather texture offers everything you need for just about any fantasy render.

All options are available as a one-click H.Mats as well as individual piece materials to give you the most ease of use and versatility possible.

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January 12th, 2019