The Advantages to Scaling Up

ARTCollaborations News   •   February 28, 2018

Rendering artwork can be a time consuming task especially with larger more detailed scenes. Some renders can take hours upon hours to render and (heaven forbid) you get a crash right at the end. It can leave an artist frustrated and wanting to kick the computer into submission.

With that in mind, I wanted to share a rendering quick tip that has multiple benefits:

Cut Down Render Times:

If you find you are crashing during a render or if it seems like a certain render is taking forever, make the image size 2 to 3 times your intended size. As an Example: If you intend to have your final image at 1000 pixels x 1000 pixels, try scaling up to as high as 4000 pixels x 4000 pixels. Generally, scaling up the render size/pixel size gives iRay more room for difficult calculations. This can be especially useful when calculating things like multiple refracting objects, reflections, or scenes that have a lot of props/people/objects in them. In general it can cut your rendering time in half or more and resolve potential issues that may create a crash.

To change the size go to the Render Settings Tab – General – Pixel Size (Global). You may need to turn on  Constrain Proportions (Global) if you have set your scene up in the view port all ready.

*If you cannot find your Render Panel, go to the Top Menu and go to Window – Panes and Click on Render Settings and it will open the panel for you.

Cut Back on FireFlies

Scaling up your render size can also be of benefit if you find your renders have some pixelation or if you are getting some bright dotting (also known as fireflies). There are other ways to help remove fireflies which I’ll go over in another blog post but this can help if you find other methods are not resolving the issue properly.

*Click Here for More Information on Pixelation

*Click Here for more Information on Fireflies
(Please note the Application shown here is Blender but many of the tips can be used in Daz Studio)

*Click Here for Solutions Specific to Daz Studio

*Click Here to for a Free Plugin to Help with Fireflies
(Please note I have not personally tried this Plugin)

Useful for Painting in Additional Details

In addition to the above, rendering at larger sizes can be useful when adding post-work or painting in/accentuating the details in your artwork. Painting in the details at a larger sizes can make it far easier to see what you are doing as well as being far more forgiving. Once the image is scaled down the details that you have added will be cleaner, clearer, and it can be a great way to pack in lots of additional lighting and effects.

*Click Here to see this Method in Action, Demonstrated by the very gifted LeAndrea Dawn (KaAnna)

*Click Here to View KaAnna’s Website

*Click Here to Check Out KaAnna’s Patreon Account which Offers Wonderful Subscription Based Tutorials
*Also Available Here on Cubebrush

Great For:

  • Cutting Down Render Times especially with Larger Scenes

  • Can be a Great Way to Decrease Bright Pixels in the Render (AKA Fireflies)

  • Can also be Used to Easily Paint Details into your Artwork